Thursday, 26 May 2016

Coachella, California – Who, What….Wear?

If you could cross a feminine rock chick with lace and florals, you would find her here.
Coachella began in 1999 and gained head way by being dubbed the ‘anti-Woodstock’. Booking acts based on artistry as opposed to radio popularity.  Notable acts included Foo Fighters, Sir Paul McCartney, Madonna and Amy Winehouse, to namedrop a few.
If I could choose one act to appear at Coachella, in their heyday of course, it would be Jamiroquai. The frontman himself, Jay Kay, was made for over the top hats and jackets, much like those showcased on the revellers at every music festival since the beginning of time! His eccentric look makes you want to become a ‘Space Cowboy’ and live in his ‘Virtual Insanity’. His husky voice and ability to get into the crowds mind, would be enough to blow you away in any venue, never mind the mass of open desert of Coachella, filled with quirky and colourful vibes.


All the artists booked for Coachella come with their own creative flair. This is shown in their music, stage sets and of course, their outfits. I love that many artists draw us in with their music and their wardrobe.

As mentioned earlier, that feminine rock chick, drizzled in lace and florals, is me. I love nothing more than denim cut off shorts, tired groupie t-shirt, cropped lace waistcoat and flat sandals with a pop of colour. One of the best things about fashion is its ability to bring out the best in people. It shows how they are feeling. Festivals are full of floral headdresses, feathers, bright colours. Even the darkness of black is brought to life by colour. You can instantly feel alive in what you’re wearing.
The fashion, music and the socialising at Coachella is definitely why it would be my go to music festival.
I feel the need to revel.


By Lindsey Benson
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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

90's Revival: Dungarees

My most recent favourite purchase is something I've not possessed since I was 8 years old (1993). The 90's have had a recent facelift and we've had bands reform, celebrity presenters resurface and designers introduce scrunchies, bombers and platforms galore!
A pair of good dungarees are definitely a 2016 wardrobe staple. Dress up with heels or down with slip on trainers, this versatile item is one of the seasons must haves.

Materials, colours and styles are, of course, each to their own. Dresses, trousers or shorts, all are widely acceptable. My personal favourites are these Black Denim Ankle Grazers (£27.99 New Look).

Many high street stores have plenty to choose from:

From left to right:
Holly Roll up Hem £25.00 Boohoo
White Denim £48.00 River Island
MOTO Long Denim Dungarees £49.00 Topshop
Black Denim Ankle Grazer £27.99 New Look

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

How do I look?

I turned 30 last year. 30. Where did that go?
For as long as I can remember I've thought about my age and in turn, what I look like.
I wore scrunchies, first time round. I wore leg warmers, second time round. I love looking back at old photos and laughing. My friends and I have made some major fashion faux pas in the last 30 years, but at the time, we looked fabulous! I love showing my daughters what I used to wear. Their giggles and 'What is that, Mummy?' echo around us and our photo albums.
A little deeper than fabric, I've always had issues with my weight and what I look like. I've always had a muffin top, prior and post babies, I've never had nice boobs, and I've contemplated a nose job! Turning 30, and very happily married with a Husband that finds me very sexy (or so he says!), I'm finally learning to love the skin I'm in! I've accepted that I won't ever be a size 10! I enjoy wine and chocolate too much. I enjoy the little things that make me happy, including food, cuddles and shoes! I still enjoy the gym, but in the same breath, I go for that time out just as much as I go to feel healthy. Your size is no-one else's issue but your own. Recently I read, Moderation is my mantra. Repeat that. Tall, short, size 8 or 16. That's you. If you want to change the way you look, then do something about it. If you don't, then I encourage you to be happy in the skin your in and let that show!
With smiles and confidence!

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Play-doh Party!

Like all Mums, I make a fuss of my daughters birthday parties. I love to think of new party themes. So for Ayla's 3rd birthday I decided on a Play-doh party!
Along with 99 packets of play-doh, I bought feathers, sparkles, Pom pom's, eyes and pipe cleaners. I had various shape cutters including animals, numbers and letters, and what felt like a 1000 rolling pins.
The 15 children (and parents) made exotic animals, shiny fish, busy bees and long legged spiders! I think the Parents got just as creative as the children. It's hard to sit and not play when there's so much for the mind to play with! The imagination of all the toddlers was fabulous to see! The shapes, the colour combinations, the flare with the sparkles and feathers. It was like playing dress up but with play doh!
Along with standard party games, pass the parcel and the parachute for cat and mouse and sharks, we had prizes for 2 of the best masterpieces created (parents not in participation). Ayla was the deciding judge and chose two marvellous pieces which we named 'Monster with 5 eyes' and 'Pom Pom sailboat'.
The party bags were made up of small pots of play doh, shape cutters, a rolling pin (No way was I taking home a 1000 rolling pins!) and of course a slice of the Caterpillar cake.

I had lots of compliments on the idea which is something I love to hear. 
I would definitely recommend this type of party, the kids, parents and of course, Ayla loved it which was, as Mum, my main priority.

Monday, 23 February 2015


So, I've been missing in action for almost 2 years more ways than one. BUT after much thought and consideration I have decided to do something quite selfish and be happy!!

Watch this space....

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Turkey Turkey Turkey

When I had my last daughter, Ayla, I found it hard to lose my baby weight. I consulted a nutritionist who gave me a fantastic diet plan. My issue was too many carbs and not enough protein. He introduced me to turkey! 
Before then, I didn't realise how good turkey was. I just associated it with Christmas dinner. My nutritionist gave me lots of recipes but a lot of them were 'messy' and time consuming. I started to develop my own recipes, here's a quick and easy one with my cupboard/freezer staples....

Turkey and Med Veg Pasta

1. Add a portion (100g) of fresh turkey to a frying pan with a teaspoon of oil and cook until white. Add a portion (100g) of Mediterranean Vegetables to a frying pan with a teaspoon of oil and simmer. (I always have a packet of frozen Mediterranean veg in my freezer as I use them with a lot of meals just because they give a plain meal so much taste!)
2. While these simmer cook a small portion of Wholemeal pasta (50g) using the guidelines given on the packet. 
3. When the pasta is cooked, drain and add to the turkey and veg mix for one minute. Toss with turkey and veg to get all flavours together. 

Serve in a bowl and add grated Parmesan for extra flavour.

 This post is an entry for BritMums’ Summer Turkey Recipe Challenge

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Glamping....or not so much!

This weekend, my fabulous family and I went to Scarborough. We've spent the past two nights in a caravan! We stayed at Cayton Bay and I can't recommend it enough! The kids loved it, the hubby loved it and so did I! (Can I also just add that the sun was only to be seen on our route home.)
We visited the John Bull Factory, cycled to the beach (during the only two dry hours), 'Star Treking' in the Bay View Show Bar and went to the Sea Life Centre (previous home to Paul the 'World Cup' Octopus). 
Once again, I under packed! I do it every time we go away as a family. The girls have everything for every possible weather outcome. My husband (I also pack most of his stuff too!) had 2 coats and 6 pairs of underpants (we only went for 2 nights). But me, I never think of myself when it comes to packing. I never put enough thought into what I take. 
I don't have a 'camping' style wardrobe. The only item I have that fits the necessary criteria is my Purple Hunters. I have maxi's, shirts, peep toes and flip flops. I needed a hoody. I needed a raincoat. I needed jeans other than skinny! I think I've given into the fact that these things must be added to my wardrobe. It won't be the last time we 'Glamp', given the amount of fun we had, so these staples will be added to my collection. 

Raincoat -
Hoody -
Jeans -